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Mar 27, 2024
Last Updated 2 months ago

Start PreOrdering Your Spring Essentials at Tiny You

Are you shopping for baby and toddler essentials this spring? You’re at the right place. At Tiny You, we offer comfy, durable styles for home, school, and play. Meticulously designed and crafted and then shipped to Canada from the shores of Korea. Last Year, we were excited to launch our new retail shop Dear You […]

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Sep 28, 2022
Last Updated 2 years ago

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Fashion

Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver popped up to finish the summer and preview early arrivals from the fall collection. Fall fashion is some of the best, and that goes for baby fashion. Last September, we participated in an exciting pop-up event at Vancouver Etsy Collective. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet our loyal […]

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May 19, 2022
Last Updated 2 years ago

Gift Cards Arrive at Tiny You Baby Store: Newborn Gift ideas

Sometimes the best gift is letting parents choose what they need for their little ones When it comes to newborn gifts, shopping can feel like hard work, especially if you are child-free. Sure, you might luck out and stumble across the world’s cutest plushie. However, spoiler alert: the best newborn gifts are really for parents […]

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Feb 05, 2022
Last Updated 2 years ago

Fashionable Toddlers’ Clothes from Dongdaemun Market Arrives at Tiny You

Tiny You is taking its first steps towards a brand new group. You already know we have some of the best baby clothes in Vancouver—but now we’re super excited to announce our latest and greatest collection of toddlers’ clothing, fresh from Korea’s famous Dongdaemun Fashion Market. If you’ve never heard of the Dongdaemun Fashion Market, […]

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Apr 08, 2021
Last Updated 3 years ago

DIY Paper Craft Building Kits Now at Tiny You Baby Store Vancouver

Not your mama’s paper dolls, Korea-imported paper craft building kits for children available at Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver With lockdown still looming, a lot of grownups have become experts in the art of self-entertainment. Hobbies, gardening, paperwork—there are plenty of ways to keep busy. If only the same were true for your little […]

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Nov 29, 2019
Last Updated 4 years ago

Why Bamboo bebe?

Did you know bamboo fibre is particularly good for a baby’s skin? Bamboo bebe uses a regenerated fibre made from a natural material. All content used in Bamboo bebe is a new-material fibre made with cellulose extracted from bamboo pulp and is a regenerated fibre (viscose rayon) in terms of fibre type.

Delightful Everyday Essentials

Smart and snuggly, baby clothes from Tiny You are durable pieces, made to be handed down and then cherished ever after as family heirlooms.

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