November 29, 2019


Why Bamboo bebe?

Did you know bamboo fibre is particularly good for a baby’s skin? Bamboo bebe uses a regenerated fibre made from a natural material. All content used in Bamboo bebe is a new-material fibre made with cellulose extracted from bamboo pulp and is a regenerated fibre (viscose rayon) in terms of fibre type.

High-quality fibres, such as Modal and Tencel, which are known for softness that is second to silk, superior moisture absorption properties to cotton, and strong durability almost equivalent to polyester, are all regenerated fibres.

The unique structure of bamboo fibre boasts great permeability, providing a cool and refreshing feeling to babies, given they have a great deal of body heat.

Bamboo bebe does not irritate baby’s skin, owing to the bamboo fibre’s intrinsic softness and luster. It is grown using only sunlight and moisture, bamboo is not subject to using insecticides or pesticides for cultivation and is a material that does not cause damage to nature and the environment.

Thanks to its innovative nature, bamboo is particularly suitable to little ones suffering from skin irritation. With wipes, towels, diapers, clothing and more, Bamboo bebe is a great way to care for sensitive skin. Learn more about bringing these innovative items into your home or your store!