April 08, 2021


DIY Paper Craft Building Kits Now at Tiny You Baby Store Vancouver

Not your mama’s paper dolls, Korea-imported paper craft building kits for children available at Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver

With lockdown still looming, a lot of grownups have become experts in the art of self-entertainment. Hobbies, gardening, paperwork—there are plenty of ways to keep busy. If only the same were true for your little ones! With April showers looming large and no playdates in sight, kids need imaginative indoor activities to keep boredom at bay. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce the new line of DIY Paper Craft Building Kits available now at Tiny You online baby store in Vancouver!

An adventure in a box, these kits give kids the fuel to unleash their imaginative potential. DIY Paper Craft Building Kits are a fun fuss-free way to while away an afternoon. Each kit contains 9 perforated paper sheets and one illustrated instruction book. With colourful characters and fun accessories that are easy for little hands to assemble, these kits are fantastic adventure fuel at a cost-effective price.

Learning Through Play

Durable and beautiful with brightly coloured pieces, DIY Paper Craft Building Kits inspire learning through play. Besides refining basic mechanical skills, there is an emphasis on independence through play that encourages problem-solving and critical thinking in an age-appropriate way.

Choose from Six Models

Our initial collection features six fantastic 3D worlds. From princess playtime to exploration of the ocean bed, these books cater to a variety of interests. Choose from Princess Castle, Excavator, Helicopter, Shark, titanosaurus, and Ferris Wheel.

Our Top Picks

As an online store, we bring the whimsical creations of Korea right to your door. All of us at Tiny You are pleased to add DIY Paper Craft Building Kits to our growing collection of educational baby toys. We especially love the Shark Kit and Ferris Wheel Kit as options that will engage and delight girls and boys between the ages of three to seven years.