October 03, 2023

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Kids’ Clothing Fall Trends in 2023

There’s a crisp tang in the air. For grownups, fall means darker colours, cozy sweaters, and cute shoes—and the kids’ clothing trends for little ones are just as cute this year! Three and a half years after the global pandemic, we’re embracing a feeling of liberation and colour when it comes to travel, music, and, of course, fashion.

As we all return to life as usual. It’s once again acceptable to attend parties and gatherings—and that means dressing up for the occasion! Fashion houses have responded with some of the best kids’ clothing we’ve seen, a trend being propelled by a desire to visit and socialize!

This year, we’ve seen greater sophistication in kid’s styles. The colours are eye-catching, with simple, lovely cuts and fewer prints and frills. Athleisure became big during the pandemic, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There’s also been a surge in street style that mirrors what’s trending in older teen styles. Beyond a growing appetite for nicer, going-out clothes, the whole industry is also being influenced by megatrends like sustainability and economy—people are sustainable brands that offer durability and cost-effectiveness.

We’ve been adding tons of new outfits to our store. However, we wanted to share a few favourites we felt really captured the spirit of the season.

Corduroy Beige Smile Shirt

kids clothing vancouver 1b

This year, colour is everything—an 80s punk revival is influencing clothing styles for kids of all ages. We’re seeing shades like blue, green, and orange—beautiful, sophisticated colours that offer a toned-down variant of what the older kids are wearing. From Ozkiz, the Corduroy Beige Smile Shirt provides a casual yet on-point style that makes it perfect for school.

Grey A-Line School Dress

Kids’ styles are starting to mimic what older siblings and parents are wearing, turning little ones into adorable sartorial mini-mes. For girls, we’re seeing bold, two-toned prints, classic silhouettes, and pinafores for a look that’s grown up and a little bit glam. One of our pics for girls this season is the Grey A-Line School Dress with a super-sweet white collar.

Raglan Two-Piece Set

 More than ever, gender lines are blurring, especially in categories like denim and athleisure. Ambiguous clothing makes hand-me-downs easier while supporting easy, versatile styles that work equally well for parties and playdates. Our fave casual outfit pic for the fall is the Raglan Two-Piece Set, which comes in an assortment of colours. Share among siblings to save a bit of cash!

Twinkle Cocktail Girls Dress

Goodbye, Zoom birthdays—the return of party clothes is here. We love this pretty pink number in taffeta, tulle, and sequin detailing. Crafted in cotton for comfort and durability, the Twinkle Cocktail Dress is sure to make any little girl feel like her own Disney princess.

Sugar Cardigan Mint

For boys, well-tailored clothes in various colours are taking centre stage. Materials like tweed, twill, and corduroy appear to be top sellers. These clothes, like the Sugar Cardigan Mint, are easy to mix and match, offering parents plenty of mix-and-match versatility when building a wardrobe.

The kid’s clothes we predict will be the biggest sellers are the ones that pull double-duty—dresses that can be layered for winter wear and take centre stage in hot months,

tees that work year-round, and clothes that children can pull on independently and confidently. As trends go, we’re happy to introduce more styles that help parents stretch their dollars without compromising the quality, beauty, and joy that make children’s clothing so much fun.

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