February 05, 2022


Fashionable Toddlers’ Clothes from Dongdaemun Market Arrives at Tiny You

Tiny You is taking its first steps towards a brand new group. You already know we have some of the best baby clothes in Vancouver—but now we’re super excited to announce our latest and greatest collection of toddlers’ clothing, fresh from Korea’s famous Dongdaemun Fashion Market.

If you’ve never heard of the Dongdaemun Fashion Market, it’s Korea’s largest wholesale shopping district. Clothes, accessories, shoes, silks—the malls of Dongdaemun combine sophisticated fashion with affordability, which makes it especially suitable for parents looking for cute, cost-effective clothing that allows toddlers to run and play all day.

As parents with growing families, we’ve curated pieces we’d want for our own kids. The result is a collection of sweets tops and bottoms, fashionable sweats, and lots of colourful coordinates. It’s a great option for parents who are done with dressing their kids in hand-me-down onesies, who something cute and customized but don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that are often outgrown, stained, or torn—because kids.

These toddlers’ clothes are casual, made for daycare, playdates, and more. And since Dongdaemun Market is huge, we’ve curated this selection in a range of styles that feature inclusive sizing, quality materials, and affordability. 

Whether it’s baby’s first birthday or back-to-school clothing, these items are casual and comfy, so kids love them as much as parents. We’re thrilled to present this collection as an affordable alternative to toddlers clothing in Vancouver.

As an emerging online store that caters to babies—and now toddlers, our goal is to offer parents access to high-quality babywear and care sourced from around the world. We choose all our items for quality and value. Check out our Dongdaemun fashion collection for easy-to-style toddler basics. We’re over the moon for this collection of 

lively, little garments that let kids be kids.

Shop the collection now.