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Sep 28, 2022
Last Updated 6 days ago

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Fashion

Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver popped up to finish the summer and preview early arrivals from the fall collection. Fall fashion is some of the best, and that goes for baby fashion. Last September, we participated in an exciting pop-up event at Vancouver Etsy Collective. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet our loyal […]

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Jul 27, 2022
Last Updated 2 months ago

Summer Inspired Hair Accessories from Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver

Our Best Baby Hair Accessories for 2022 Now that the hot weather has finally arrived in Vancouver, it’s time to focus on sweet summertime fashion for your babe. Whether, it’s a special occasion or just dressing up your darling, Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver has just imported an adorable collection of baby headbands and […]

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Jun 16, 2022
Last Updated 4 months ago

Summer Rash Guard Sets for Sensitive Baby Skin Have Arrived

Rashies. Swim shirts. Rash guard. For those who have never heard these terms, don’t worry—we’ll explain. First, they all essentially refer to the same thing. The rash guard is essentially baby beach clothes, and they do just what they say. As clothing crafted from advanced technical UV fabrics, these garments reduce the possibilities of sun […]

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May 19, 2022
Last Updated 5 months ago

Gift Cards Arrive at Tiny You Baby Store: Newborn Gift ideas

Sometimes the best gift is letting parents choose what they need for their little ones When it comes to newborn gifts, shopping can feel like hard work, especially if you are child-free. Sure, you might luck out and stumble across the world’s cutest plushie. However, spoiler alert: the best newborn gifts are really for parents […]

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Mar 21, 2022
Last Updated 7 months ago

Merebe Newborn Baby Clothes at Tiny You

Merebe offers clothes for newborns crafted from pure 100% cotton and non-fluorescent fabrics Looking for newborn baby clothes designed with sensitive skin in mind? Experience the sublime comfort and design of Merebe—one of Korea’s premier baby brands. This trusted brand is a pillar of Tiny You, cradling newborn skin in the sublime comfort of pure 100% cotton […]

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Feb 05, 2022
Last Updated 8 months ago

Fashionable Toddlers’ Clothes from Dongdaemun Market Arrives at Tiny You

Tiny You is taking its first steps towards a brand new group. You already know we have some of the best baby clothes in Vancouver—but now we’re super excited to announce our latest and greatest collection of toddlers’ clothing, fresh from Korea’s famous Dongdaemun Fashion Market. If you’ve never heard of the Dongdaemun Fashion Market, […]

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Dec 29, 2021
Last Updated 9 months ago

Saypen Compatible Posters: Gifts to Play, Explore & Learn

Toys that make learning time fun time For parents on a quest to inspire, educate, and ignite curiosity, Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver offers two new Saypen compatible posters to help children build their Korean and English skills: [처음교육] 하뚱 세이 하우스 [마이앤트] 세이펜호환 병풍 아코 포스터 With bright colours and vivid images, these […]

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Sep 24, 2021
Last Updated 1 year ago

Baby Fashion Trends: A Wardrobe to Make you Fall in Love

Goodbye summer! It was a hot one in Vancouver, but fall baby fashion is always something we all love at Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver. The earthy, muted colors—maroon, chestnut, and stripey mustard paired with animal and vintage prints look 100% adorable under the fall foliage. Oh, and did we mention the cozy factor—hats, […]

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Aug 18, 2021
Last Updated 1 year ago

Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver Launches TY Book Shop

Little ones play, grow, and learn with a hand-picked collection of Korean language baby books curated by the moms and dads and Tiny You. Books are one of the sweetest ways to welcome a new baby. A little curated library acts as a gateway to the world beyond the nursery. And for Korean moms and […]

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Jun 23, 2021
Last Updated 1 year ago

Baby Sun Hats for Summertime Adventures by Tiny You Baby Store

Ready for the sweetest summertime accessory? All of us at Tiny You are proud to show off our new collection of baby sun hats. Equal parts pragmatic and stylish, these sun-safe hats feature wide, floppy brims to keep little eyes and faces comfortably protected during summertime adventures at the park, beach—or on the way to […]

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