July 24, 2020

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Lille Haven Undergarments and Loungewear Now Part of Tiny You’s Curated Collection of Baby Clothing in Vancouver

Delectably soft, Lille Haven’s premium line of kid’s underwear and baby clothing is a playful collection of imaginative designs that let kids be kids

If childhood equals comfort, it’s safe to say that Lille Haven baby clothing was born out of a love for kids. As a line of premium underwear and loungewear, these garments give children the freedom to be themselves, running and playing in comfy, super-soft garments that promote comfort and breathability.

Lille Haven, a trademark of Korean manufacturer Petit Elin, took design queues from the fashion houses of Denmark to create this sublime line of loungewear and undergarments. Crafted from 100% premium Supima cotton, these clothes keep little ones feeling cool and refreshed all year round. 

Kid-Approved Clothing

With brightly coloured fabrics, elegant cuts, and playful prints, Lille Haven is a fashion favourite of kids all over the world. It’s also a godsend for parents coping with fussy dressers who dislike the feeling of heavy, restrictive clothing. With a comprehensive selection of loungewear for babies and toddlers, these pieces effortlessly transition from naptime to playtime—and back again.

For parents in search of kid-friendly essentials, colourful underpants and socks are available in bundles of three and five. Size options are available for kids between the ages of five and eight. While the colour and cuts are supremely cute, what truly sets this brand apart is the functional detailing. Kids are sensitive. They often can’t express why or how they’re uncomfortable—they just fuss. Engineered with touches like comfy elastic detailing around the waist and legs, Lille Haven’s Denmark-inspired design promotes comfort and durability. 

Baby Clothing Tested for Strength & Safety

As a kid-inspired brand, all Lille Haven garments are tested for strength and safety. We’re incredibly pleased to carry this supremely comfortable line of fuss-free essentials and baby clothing in Vancouver. Check out our seasonal favourites including the Henie Day Pink for girls and the Donald Melan Gray for boys. Visit our Lille Haven brand page to see a complete selection of our kids’ underwear and socks.