August 28, 2020

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Kids Clara Baby Clothing

Expecting? Looking for baby gifts? If you’re on the hunt for adorable baby clothing in Vancouver, check out Kids Clara in the Tiny You Baby Store.

As an exclusive online boutique, Tiny You sources high-quality baby clothes and products from across the globe. Kids Clara has remained one of the best sellers since the brand launched in 2019. 

Introducing Kids Clara Baby Clothing to North America

If you tend to squee over adorable baby clothing, better buckle up. Kids Clara is the sister brand of Korea’s Happy Prince, a baby-slanted fashion house that boasts an incredible following across Asia. Globally, South Korean textiles have garnered a favourable reputation. Like the cosmetics, Korean fashion is known for being manufactured with excellence, combining high-quality materials with attention to detail. And when it comes to children’s fashion, Kids Clara is at the top of the heap.

Kids Clara has enjoyed a faithful fanbase for several reasons. While the gorgeous designs cast in sunshine-inspired hues are noteworthy, the real secret behinds the brand’s success is the attention put into every garment. These clothes allow kids to be kids. Every garment is engineered for beauty and comfort. From stretchable fabrics that offer comfort and ease of movement to reinforced stitching, Kids Clara delivers beauty and value. And every piece is tested and certified for safety.

Kids Clara is a brand to frame your baby’s “shining moments.” As sensible, sophisticated baby clothing, Kid’s Clara is manufactured with care and a whole lot of heart. Check out their assortment of accessories of dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, and onesies. Yes, this is a full product line with loads of options that are easy to mix and match. 

Our Seasonal Summer Favourites for 2020

Some of our seasonal favourites for 2020 include the stylishly adorable Marie Baby Blouse for girls and The Oscar Baby Long Sleeve T-shirt, which is a great option for either gender. Learn more about stocking Kids Clara in your store or purchasing a garment. Reach out to Tiny You. You can also browse our increasing selection of Kids Clara baby clothing in Vancouver