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May 09, 2024
Last Updated 2 weeks ago

Jan & Jul Launches at Tiny You Baby Store

We have some exciting news at Tiny You. As an online baby store in Vancouver, we import wear and care from some of Korea’s biggest baby brands. Recently, we discovered Jan & Jul, a Vancouver-grown brand that was just too beautiful to resist. This month, we’re pleased to introduce Jan & Jul at Tiny You Baby Store in […]

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Jul 27, 2022
Last Updated 2 years ago

Summer Inspired Hair Accessories from Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver

Our Best Baby Hair Accessories for 2022 Now that the hot weather has finally arrived in Vancouver, it’s time to focus on sweet summertime fashion for your babe. Whether, it’s a special occasion or just dressing up your darling, Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver has just imported an adorable collection of baby headbands and […]

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Jun 23, 2021
Last Updated 3 years ago

Baby Sun Hats for Summertime Adventures by Tiny You Baby Store

Ready for the sweetest summertime accessory? All of us at Tiny You are proud to show off our new collection of baby sun hats. Equal parts pragmatic and stylish, these sun-safe hats feature wide, floppy brims to keep little eyes and faces comfortably protected during summertime adventures at the park, beach—or on the way to […]

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Jul 24, 2020
Last Updated 4 years ago

Lille Haven Undergarments and Loungewear Now Part of Tiny You’s Curated Collection of Baby Clothing in Vancouver

Delectably soft, Lille Haven’s premium line of kid’s underwear and baby clothing is a playful collection of imaginative designs that let kids be kids If childhood equals comfort, it’s safe to say that Lille Haven baby clothing was born out of a love for kids. As a line of premium underwear and loungewear, these garments […]

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May 21, 2020
Last Updated 4 years ago

Baby Clothes in Vancouver: Merebe Premium Garments for Sensitive Skin

Merebe is a premium Korean baby clothing brand that has distinguished itself through a summer line of 100% pure cotton, non-fluorescent fabrics that are gentle to sensitive skin. Babies skin is delicate. With a natural defensive barrier up to 30% thinner than a grown-up’s, babies are prone to sensitivity and dryness. This can quickly translate […]

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