Summer Inspired Hair Accessories from Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver

Our Best Baby Hair Accessories for 2022

Now that the hot weather has finally arrived in Vancouver, it’s time to focus on sweet summertime fashion for your babe. Whether, it’s a special occasion or just dressing up your darling, Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver has just imported an adorable collection of baby headbands and hair accessories from 10moorang.

With thousands of baby accessories available, we know narrowing down the search can be daunting. That’s why our dedicated moms and dad team scoured the market, checking and testing a wide range of standout accessories engineered with children in mind.

These baby bows, bands and hair clips, play a functional role as well as an aesthetic one because they sweep wispy baby hair off hot necks and faces—and keep it out of little eyes, too. For a day on the beach or a day around the town, 10moorang accessories look fantastic and stay in place, without damaging delicate baby hair. Best of all, they’re equal parts affordable and adorable.

Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver: Our Picks for 2022


Fabric Snap Clips (Set of five)

A whirl of colours and patterns, these no-slip clips can coordinate all kinds of cute, summer-inspired baby outfits. The fabric material covers metal snaps, allowing the clips to grip fine hair, without teeth. That means no tearing, ripping or pulling.

Flower Claw Hair Clip

A fantastic accessory for the older child, these beautifully versatile acrylic hair clips simplify the process of creating full and half updos. Enjoy a picture-perfect accessory for anniversaries, weddings, and all kinds of get-togethers, where the ultimate look is an effortless and breezy updo that can be adjusted as necessary, thanks to a practical grab and grip design that stays firmly put.

Elastic Hair Ties for Toddlers

Hair elastics are always a basic used in all kinds of dos. These bright and cheerful, no-kink elastics come in a budget-friendly 100-count package. Soft and stretchy with a diameter of 2.5 cm, they hold hair securely without breaking, tangling, or damage.

Spring Floral Fabric Mini Snap

We just can’t get enough of these sweet hair clips. Designed in a rainbow of pretty pastels, they’re perfect for a day at the beach or a day at grandma’s. About 3-4 cm makes them, an easy option to keep your little one cool and comfy.

Set of 12 Girls Hair Pin Gift Set

We saved the best for last. This stylish assortment of hair pins made of tiny cloth flowers, ribbons, and bows is a Tiny You favourite. Tastefully neutral, this set works on all hair colours, with an easy snap closure that helps prevent tugging and pulling. Intricately detailed, every spans about 3-6cm, making them a tasteful addition to any outfit.

Summertime Hair Accessories for Children

We invite you to check out our full collection of hair accessories for boys and girls. As parents, we made it our to stock our stores with sweet, sophisticated styles that offer real bang for the buck. 10moorang is a brand of small-batch handmade accessories crafted by a team who aims to make childhood more lovely.

It’s an honour to debut this brand to our discerning clients at Tiny You baby Store in Vancouver.