[Sale Excluded] Roé Zip-Up Rashguard Set


Introducing the latest in swimwear from Roé, the Rashguard Zip-Up. Available in two sophisticated colors, Elegant Pink and Fog Blue, this swimwear is designed for both style and functionality.

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Blue Beige, Pink Beige

Peekaboo Size

JM – 7-8Y (126-134cm / 26-30kg), JS – 6-7Y (118-126cm / 22-26kg), M – 3-4Y (94-102cm / 15-18kg), S – 2-3Y (86-94cm / 12-15kg), XL – 5-6Y (110-118cm / 20-22kg)


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  • 86% Poly / 14% Span
  • Made in Korea
Size Age Length Other
XS 12-24M (76-86cm / 10-12kg) 33.5cm (Top) / 43.5cm (Bottom) 50.5cm (Chest) / 40cm (Waist)
S 2-3Y (86-94cm / 12-15kg) 36.5cm (Top) / 49m (Bottom) 54cm (Chest) / 42cm (Waist)
M 3-4Y (94-102cm / 15-18kg) 39.5cm (Top) / 54.5cm (Bottom) 57.5cm (Chest) / 44cm (Waist)
L 4-5Y (102-110cm / 18-20kg) 42.5cm (Top) / 60cm (Bottom) 61cm (Chest) / 46cm (Waist)
XL 5-6Y (110-118cm / 20-22kg) 45.5cm (Top) / 65.5cm (Bottom) 64.5cm (Chest) / 48cm (Waist)
JS 6-7Y (118-126cm / 22-26kg) 48.5cm (Top) / 71cm (Bottom) 68cm (Chest) / 50cm (Waist)
JM 7-8Y (126-134cm / 26-30kg) 51.5cm (Top) / 76.5cm (Bottom) 71.5cm (Chest) / 52cm (Waist)
JL 8-9Y (134-142cm / 30-34kg) 54.5cm (Top) / 82cm (Bottom) 75cm (Chest) / 54cm (Waist)