Surfer Croc Rashguard Swimsuit Set with Swim Cap


Size and Fit:

Model Info: Lee Joon / Boy / Height: 100cm / Weight: 16.5kg
Worn Size: Surfer Croc Swimsuit Set size 100 fits perfectly.

Introducing the Surfer Croc Rashguard Swimsuit Set, perfect for children who love fun in the sun with a dash of style. This set features a lively crocodile print that captures the spirit of summer adventures.

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24-36M (100), 4-5Y (120), 5-6Y (130), 6-7Y (140)



A pure and precious brand that lets children dream and imagine to their heart's content.
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  • Contrasting Color Neckline: Adds a stylish touch to the rashguard.
  • Stretch Fabric: Ensures easy wear and movement, perfect for active kids.
  • Elastic Waistband: Provides a comfortable fit without constriction.
  • Nylon 95%, Polyurethane 5%
Size Age Length Other
100 3Y 37cm (Top) / 29cm (Bottom) 62cm (Chest)
110 4Y 40cm (Top) / 31.5cm (Bottom) 66cm (Chest)
120 5Y 43cm (Top) / 34cm (Bottom) 70cm (Chest)
130 6Y 46cm (Top) / 36.5cm (Bottom) 74cm (Chest)
140 7Y 49cm (Top) / 39cm (Bottom) 78cm (Chest)
Basic Washing Instructions: Use Gentle Detergent: Always wash your swimwear with a bleach-free, neutral detergent to prevent color transfer and fading. Wash Separately: To avoid dye bleeding, wash your swimwear alone. After Swimming: Rinse Thoroughly: Immediately rinse the swimsuit in tap water after swimming to remove salts and chemicals that can cause discoloration. Remove Excess Water: Gently pat the swimsuit with a towel to eliminate excess moisture.