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Size Guide

The Ruby Heart LED Jelly Shoes are designed with a wider width (ball girth) to enhance breathability and activity comfort. Due to the jelly material’s flexible properties, if your child has slender feet or less volume in their feet, choosing one size smaller can still ensure a beautiful and comfortable fit. This tailored fit guidance helps ensure that the shoes not only look great but also provide the best possible comfort for your child.

Introduce your little one to the magical comfort and style of Ozkiz’s Ruby Heart LED Jelly Shoes. Perfect for hot summer days, these jelly sandals feature a refreshing clear material enhanced with pearls, making them not only breathable and spacious but also strikingly stylish.

The sandals come equipped with sparkling LED lights that illuminate with each step, adding a playful and enchanting touch to your child’s movements. Adorned with a lovely pink heart corsage, these shoes exude charm and sweetness, making them a favorite for any young girl.

Thanks to their Velcro strap design, these jelly shoes are incredibly easy for children to put on and take off, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both kids and parents. The soft, malleable material typical of jelly shoes offers supreme comfort, allowing your child to enjoy summer activities with ease.

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8 Toddler (150mm)



A pure and precious brand that lets children dream and imagine to their heart's content.
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  • Easy Velcro Straps: Allows kids to easily manage their shoes independently.
  • Versatile Style: Ideal for both dressy and casual looks.
  • Magical Glitter Gradient: Unique color scheme that sparkles and shines.
  • High-Quality Synthetic Materials: Ensures durability and comfort with synthetic leather and rubber.
  • Made in Korea: Crafted with excellence and premium materials.
Size Age Length Other
8 Toddler (150mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 15cm (Insole Height)
9 Toddler (160mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 16cm (Insole Height)
10 Toddler (170mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 17cm (Insole Height)
11 Toddler (180mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 18cm (Insole Height)
12 Toddler (190mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 19cm (Insole Height)
1.5 Little Kids (200mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 20cm (Insole Height)
2.5 Little Kids (210mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 8cm (Ball Width) 21cm (Insole Height)