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They fit true to size, as demonstrated by So-Yul, a slender five-year-old who stands 95cm tall and weighs 12.5kg, finding the size 160 to be a perfect fit.

ntroduce your little girl to the enchanting world of fairy tales with the Maid Powder Shoes from Ozkiz, available exclusively at Tiny You Baby Store and Dear You Kids Boutique. These shoes are a dream come true for any young girl, offering a stunning design reminiscent of a mermaid princess straight out of a storybook.

The Maid Powder Shoes feature a mesmerizing glitter gradient in mystical colors that add a magical touch to any outfit, whether it’s girlishly stylish or casually cool. The Velcro strap design makes these shoes incredibly easy for children to put on and take off by themselves, promoting independence while ensuring a secure fit.

Crafted for comfort and style, these shoes are perfect for special occasions or adding a spark of magic to everyday wear.

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1.5 Little Kids (200mm), 11 Toddler (180mm), 2.5 Little Kids (210mm), 9 Toddler (160mm)



A pure and precious brand that lets children dream and imagine to their heart's content.
kids clothes Vancouver
  • Easy Velcro Straps: Allows kids to easily manage their shoes independently.
  • Versatile Style: Ideal for both dressy and casual looks.
  • Magical Glitter Gradient: Unique color scheme that sparkles and shines.
  • High-Quality Synthetic Materials: Ensures durability and comfort with synthetic leather and rubber.
  • Made in Korea: Crafted with excellence and premium materials.
Size Age Length Other
8 Toddler (150mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 15cm (Insole Height)
9 Toddler (160mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 16cm (Insole Height)
10 Toddler (170mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 17cm (Insole Height)
11 Toddler (180mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 18cm (Insole Height)
12 Toddler (190mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 19cm (Insole Height)
1.5 Little Kids (200mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 20cm (Insole Height)
2.5 Little Kids (210mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 8cm (Ball Width) 21cm (Insole Height)