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Model (100cm / 15kg) wore size 9 Toddler (160mm)

These princess-style shoes are not just ordinary footwear; they are crafted with an enchanting enamel material that sparkles with rainbow-colored glitter, adding a touch of magic with every step. To further enhance their charm, the shoes are adorned with a large crown corsage, perfectly capturing the essence of a fairy tale.

Designed with a sneaker outsole, these shoes offer the comfort and durability needed for everyday wear, making them a practical choice for children. The combination of various sparkling materials and the comfortable build makes these shoes ideal for daily enjoyment, ensuring that your little princess can play and move freely while looking stylish.

These shoes are perfect for any little girl who loves to stand out and feel like royalty in her day-to-day adventures!

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1.5 Little Kid, 10 Toddler, 11 Toddler, 12 Toddler, 7 Toddler, 8 Toddler, 9 Toddler





A pure and precious brand that lets children dream and imagine to their heart's content.
kids clothes Vancouver
  • Upper: Synthetic Leather
  • Insole: Synthetic Leather
  • Outsole: Synthetic Rubber
Size Age Length Other
8 Toddler (150mm) 2cm (Heel Height) 6cm (Ball Width) 15cm (Insole Height)
9 Toddler (160mm) 2cm (Heel Height) 6cm (Ball Width) 16cm (Insole Height)
10 Toddler (170mm) 2cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 17cm (Insole Height)
11 Toddler (180mm) 2cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 18cm (Insole Height)
12 Toddler (190mm) 2cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 19cm (Insole Height)
1.5 Little Kids (200mm) 2cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 20cm (Insole Height)