[Moms Board] Magnet Color Play Set


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** Pre-ordered item’s release date : Feb 27 – Mar 15 2024**
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색 분류 판 8종
Red : 소방차, 딸기, 장미, 무당벌레, 사과
Orange : 오렌지, 호박, 농구공, 당근, 물고기
Yellow : 해, 레몬, 별, 치즈, 바나나
Green : 강낭콩, 수박, 키위 속, 오이, 세잎클로바
Blue: 풍선, 고래, 자동차, 새, 배
Purple : 모자, 포도, 가지, 문어, 꽃
Pink : 도넛, 바람개비, 사탕, 리본, 복숭아
Brown : 도토리, 곰, 버섯, 너구리, 초콜릿

* Precautions *

– Do not swallow or put it in your mouth
– Do not place near flame
– Do not disinfect with chemicals
– Avoid Pointy objects
– If it becomes faulty, parents should ensure that their children do not swallow any of the pieces
– Children below 3 will require adult supervision

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  • Fine Motor Skill Development Toy
  • Creative Play Toy
  • PP + EVA + 페라이트자석
  • 도톰한 두께감 : 7mm의 두께
Size Age Length Other
45.5 x 30xm (A3 Paper) 3Y+ 340g
Spot Clean