May 19, 2022


Gift Cards Arrive at Tiny You Baby Store: Newborn Gift ideas

Sometimes the best gift is letting parents choose what they need for their little ones

When it comes to newborn gifts, shopping can feel like hard work, especially if you are child-free. Sure, you might luck out and stumble across the world’s cutest plushie. However, spoiler alert: the best newborn gifts are really for parents doing their utmost to care for a new family member. When you’re at a loss, a present that lets parents choose what they need and want can be a lifesaver. And that’s why we are proud to offer the new Tiny You Gift Card

Available in denominations from $50-$500, the Tiny You Gift Card can be spent like cash on any of the products in our store. Just purchase a card and email it to the recipient along with your heartfelt message. The giftee will receive an email containing a code they can use to redeem their gift certificate at the checkout. Balances are saved, and the cards don’t expire. It’s a parent-friendly solution for families who don’t need another diaper stacker or mini humidifier.

Ideas for Newborn Gifts

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to receive one of our GCs—or maybe you just don’t like gift certificates. In that case, the moms and dads at Tiny You have come up with a few ideas for the greatest and most useful items in our store. Read on for the gift ideas that keep on giving.

Ice Cream Baby Cooling Shoe Socks

The sweet socks come in a rainbow of candy-coloured hues. Perfect for the summer, the opening is elastic-y and flexible, so they’re easy to slip on—and that same elastic helps keeps these shoe socks on wriggly feet. Available in baby and toddler sizes, these footie-style covers feature a non-slip grip and a unique weave that absorbs, diffuses, and evaporates sweat. Sweet.

Mild Bamboo Baby Grass Flower Swaddle Blanker

Swaddling mimics the comfort of the womb, but blankets have to be durable and breathable for swaddling. Enter this beautiful textile from Bamboo Bebe. A gauzy, light texture, 60% bamboo fibre and 40% cotton, keeps babies cool and comfy, even when they’re bundled up like a burrito. Transitions seamlessly to summer blanket, picnic spread, baby toga, or makeshift stroller cover.

Erizo Burpy Bib and Hairband Set

Generously sized and absorbent, a burpy bib helps protect little clothes when your little decides wearing mashed banana is more fun than eating it. This cute bib is comfy and durable. It even comes with a matching hairband that’s equal part substance and style. And the gender-neutral porcupine print is just next-level cuteness.

Mini Berry Summer Jacquard Newborn Top

Okay, cute baby tops are a dime a dozen, but this is no ordinary shirt. Made from iconic Korean brand Merebe, this top is crafted from pure cotton and non-fluorescent fabrics, which means it’s safe for your little one’s delicate skin. Every design from Merebe is carefully researched and made with strategically placed ties and closures making it easy for parents to dress and undress when frequent changes are necessary.

Dorothy No Scratch Mittens

Ready for some of the softest gloves in the game? Merebe has crafted these perfectly priceless little gloves that curtail scratches from surpassingly sharp nails while keeping little hands warm and toasty. 

Daily Hearts Bodysuit

We all need a fun outfit for parties and playdates, and your little one is no exception. Dress your little one up in love, every colour of the rainbow. With snap closures for easy dressing, this piece is affordable and cleans up seamlessly in the washing machine.  

That’s a Wrap

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of foolproof newborn gifts—for little ones and their parents. At Tiny You, we believe baby gifts are a labour of love, but a thoughtful gift card makes a great backup. Now, enjoy flaunting your baby gift-giving acumen at showers and parties. You are the new baby whisperer.