August 18, 2021

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Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver Launches TY Book Shop

Little ones play, grow, and learn with a hand-picked collection of Korean language baby books curated by the moms and dads and Tiny You.

Books are one of the sweetest ways to welcome a new baby. A little curated library acts as a gateway to the world beyond the nursery. And for Korean moms and dads who want their kids to speak both English and Korean—baby books are a great place to start.

There’s something whimsical about the baby books that come from Korea. From adaptations of English classics to totally original stories (and yes, we have books for learning, too), these titles are colorful and beautifully illustrated. Many fall into classic board book categories, allowing your little one to explore shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and feelings.

For toddlers, our books explore popular themes like animals, space, community, and nature. We also have early learning books, and the ever-popular Saypen Sound Books (with one English version available).

For a gift that says “welcome to the world,” it’s hard to go wrong with a cute book that can be handled by little hands. Many of the titles chosen for our youngest readers are made of extra durable materials, so they’re resistant to gnawing, slobbering, and tearing, making them a favourite for very young babies–and their parents!

Favourite Titles From Tiny You

1) Mr. Men

The always popular British series by Roger Hargreaves, each book features a lesson from all your favourite characters, including Mr. Cool, Mr. Rude, Mr. Good, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Bad, Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Princess, and Little Miss Hug.

2) Alphabet 1

Getting kids ready for kindergarten or preschool? This book offers a comprehensive introduction to English letters and writing with fun puzzles, easy games, and lots of characters and colours that make learning tons of fun! Subsequent volumes help to advance English studies.

3) Chika Chika One Two

We get it. Establishing good habits can be hard. The cute book helps kids develop good oral hygiene by making brushing fun! The concise rhythmic writing and simple motions help kids develop the right habits—and take the lead in brushing.

Check out the TY Bookstore for our full library of Korean language baby books in Vancouver. And remember, delivery is free in Vancouver when you spend more than $30.00.