December 29, 2021

Baby Store Vancouver

Saypen Compatible Posters: Gifts to Play, Explore & Learn

Toys that make learning time fun time

For parents on a quest to inspire, educate, and ignite curiosity, Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver offers two new Saypen compatible posters to help children build their Korean and English skills:

With bright colours and vivid images, these large, foldable posters strike the right balance between playtime and fun time, allowing kids to learn about colours, shapes, and vocabulary related to all kinds of different subjects.

At Tiny You, we recognize all toys are educational. Play is a big part of how children learn. Every toy teaches skills, even if it’s not directly academic. Through play, children start to learn about imagination, recognition, sharing, and empathy. The right toys help children learn about the world around them in an environment that’s safe and self-paced, which are two important factors that make these posters so wonderful.

Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver Now Carries Saypen Compatible Posters

Besides vibrant colours and themes that compel and engage, both these posters are Saypen compatible, which give children the ability to learn skills in a variety of ways:

  • Posters can be experienced by seeing, touching and listening
  • Kids build motor skills and shape recognition as they explore with the Saypen
  • The poster and Saypen allows children to build reading comprehension and vocabulary

Both posters are multi-themed. For example, this educational pick from Tiny You lets kids learn their alphabet, numbers, counting, music, shapes, colours, wildlife, sea life, and even space. But the standout feature is Saypen compatibility, which allows children to listen and learn at their own pace.

Recommended for ages one and up, Saypen compatible posters are an educational toy that will entertain for years to come. They look great in playrooms, too! Check out Tiny You Baby Store in Vancouver for all kinds of Saypen compatible educational toys.