Tulip Sound Book Baby Pink Set (Korean Edition)


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Cultivate the love of music. the Tulip Sound Book collection is a tiny musical masterpiece available in 9 versions (1 English and 8 Korean). Kids can follow along with the lyrics in the book. The tulip wand lights up and shakes like a maraca, offering 5 different musical effects. Easy controls let your child pause or move to the next song.

This Baby Pink Set includes

– Baby Pink Korean Edition Tulip (비눗방울, 밖으로 나가 놀자, 오리 가족 소풍, 핑크 공룡 쿠쿠, 싹트네)
– Red Edition (열 꼬마 인디언, 올챙이와 개구리, 우산, 병원차와 소방차, 씨앗)
– Light Purple Edition (추추송, 치카송, 응가송, 싱글벙글, 작은 세상)

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