SPF 50+ Green Croco Rashguard Swimsuit Set


Dive into summer fun with the Green Croco Rashguard Swimsuit Set (Swim Cap Included), exclusively available at Tiny You Baby Store and Dear You Kids Boutique in Canada. This set features a lively green rashguard with a playful “So cool!” crocodile print that catches the eye and adds a dash of adventure to your child’s swimwear collection.

The set includes a matching striped swim cap that not only protects from the sun but also complements the bold navy and white striped leggings. Designed for active kids, this swimsuit set offers comfort and style with a high-quality fabric blend that ensures durability and ease of movement.

Perfect for beach days, pool parties, or any water-related activity, the Green Croco Rashguard Swimsuit Set is designed to provide maximum UV protection while keeping your little ones stylish and comfortable throughout their aquatic adventures.

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24-36M (100), 36M-4T (110), 4-5Y (120), 5-6Y (130), 6-7Y (140)



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  • UV Protection
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Stylish Design: Features a vibrant green color with a fun crocodile print
  • Nylon 95%, Polyurethane 5%
Size Age Length Other
100 3Y 39cm (Top) / 30cm (Bottom) 30cm (Chest)
110 4Y 42cm (Top) / 55cm (Bottom) 32cm (Chest)
120 5Y 45cm (Top) / 60cm (Bottom) 34cm (Chest)
130 6Y 48cm (Top) / 65cm (Bottom) 36cm (Chest)
140 7Y 51cm (Top) / 70cm (Bottom) 38cm (Chest)
Basic Washing Instructions: Use Gentle Detergent: Always wash your swimwear with a bleach-free, neutral detergent to prevent color transfer and fading. Wash Separately: To avoid dye bleeding, wash your swimwear alone. After Swimming: Rinse Thoroughly: Immediately rinse the swimsuit in tap water after swimming to remove salts and chemicals that can cause discoloration. Remove Excess Water: Gently pat the swimsuit with a towel to eliminate excess moisture.