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Introduce your little girl to the enchanting elegance of the Anna Rose Dress from OZKIZ, a delightful addition to any young lady’s wardrobe. This sleeveless dress combines timeless style with playful charm, making it a perfect choice for both daily wear and special occasions during the summer.

The Anna Rose Dress features a breezy stripe pattern complemented by a stunning rose appliqué that adds a touch of floral sophistication. Crafted with a blend of 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane, this dress offers both comfort and a flattering drape. The A-line skirt and generous length invite twirling and ensure it catches the eye with every movement, making your child feel like the belle of the ball.

Whether worn for an afternoon at the park or a family vacation, the Anna Rose Dress stands out with its vibrant design and flowy silhouette. Emma, a young girl of 116 cm and 19.5 kg, wears size 120 beautifully, demonstrating the dress’s fit and appeal.

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24-36M (100), 36M-4T (110), 4-5Y (120), 5-6Y (130), 6-7Y (140)



Premium baby clothes made for the moms (and dads) looking for unique designs of superior style and quality.
merebe baby clothing vancouver


A pure and precious brand that lets children dream and imagine to their heart's content.
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  • 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane
  • Elegant Stripe Pattern with Rose Appliqué: Adds a sophisticated yet playful touch
  • Comfortable Fabric Blend: Ensures ease of movement and durability
  • Perfect for Twirling: A-line skirt design that makes every turn delightful
Size Age Length Other
100 3Y 60cm 62cm (Chest)
110 4Y 66cm 66cm (Chest)
120 5Y 72cm 70cm (Chest)
130 6Y 78cm 74cm (Chest)
140 7Y 83cm 78cm (Chest)
Hand Washing Recommended: To maintain the quality of the fabric, hand wash the dress in cold water. Sort by color to prevent color transfer. Natural Drying: Avoid using a dryer, as it may cause the fabric to deform. Instead, air dry the dress to preserve its shape and details.