[Ozkiz] Happy Animal Slip-Ons


Model (100cm / 15kg) wore 9 Toddler (160mm)

Introduce your child to the delightful comfort and charming style of the Happy Animal Slip-Ons from OZKIZ, available only at Tiny You Baby Store and Dear You Kids Boutique. These slip-ons combine practicality with playful design, making them a perfect choice for your child’s footwear collection.

Crafted from 100% cotton canvas, the Happy Animal Slip-Ons are designed to provide a soft, irritation-free experience for sensitive little feet. The shoes feature a lovely cream color tone that serves as a canvas for beautifully embroidered animal friends, adding a whimsical touch to the simplistic design. Each pair showcases different animal motifs that are sure to capture your child’s imagination and bring joy with every step.

The slip-on design ensures easy wearability, allowing kids to independently put on and take off their shoes, fostering a sense of independence. These shoes are not only a treat to look at but also to wear, thanks to their comfortable fabric and snug fit.

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10 Toddler (170mm), 11 Toddler (180mm), 12 Toddler (190mm), 7 Toddler (140mm), 8 Toddler (150mm), 9 Toddler (160mm)


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  • 100% Cotton Canvas: Ensures comfort and breathability
  • Easy Slip-On Design: Promotes independence with easy on and off
  • Luxurious Animal Embroidery: Adds a playful and premium aesthetic
  • Exclusive Availability: Only at Tiny You Baby Store and Dear You Kids Boutique
Size Age Length Other
7 Toddler (140mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 14cm (Insole Height)
8 Toddler (150mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 15cm (Insole Height)
9 Toddler (160mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 16cm (Insole Height)
10 Toddler (170mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 17cm (Insole Height)
11 Toddler (180mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 18cm (Insole Height)
12 Toddler (190mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 8cm (Ball Width) 19cm (Insole Height)