[Ozkiz] Cute Soda Slip-Ons


Model (100cm / 15kg) wore 9 Toddler (160mm)

Introduce a dash of playfulness and comfort to your child’s footwear collection with the Cute Soda Slip-Ons. These slip-ons are not just visually appealing with their creamy green color and adorable avocado symbol; they’re also crafted with care to ensure comfort for sensitive little feet.

Designed specifically for toddlers and young children, the Cute Soda Slip-Ons are made entirely from 100% cotton, both inside and out, providing a soft, irritation-free experience that’s perfect for all-day wear. The synthetic rubber sole offers durability and slip resistance, making these shoes ideal for active kids who love to explore.

The eye-catching avocado motif adds a fun twist to these shoes, making them a favorite among kids and a cute addition to any outfit. Whether it’s a day at the park, a school event, or just playing at home, these slip-ons will keep your child comfortable and stylish.

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10 Toddler (170mm), 11 Toddler (180mm), 12 Toddler (190mm), 7 Toddler (140mm), 8 Toddler (150mm), 9 Toddler (160mm)


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kids clothes Vancouver
  • Adorable Avocado Design: Adds a playful and unique touch
  • 100% Cotton Upper and Lining: Ensures comfort and breathability
  • Durable Synthetic Rubber Sole: Provides excellent traction and longevity
  • Vibrant Green Color: Makes these shoes a standout choice
Size Age Length Other
7 Toddler (140mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 6.5cm (Ball Width) 14cm (Insole Height)
8 Toddler (150mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 15cm (Insole Height)
9 Toddler (160mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7cm (Ball Width) 16cm (Insole Height)
10 Toddler (170mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 17cm (Insole Height)
11 Toddler (180mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 7.5cm (Ball Width) 18cm (Insole Height)
12 Toddler (190mm) 1cm (Heel Height) 8cm (Ball Width) 19cm (Insole Height)