[Mimiunni] Summer Cooling Pants


Summer Cool Pants are the perfect choice for various weather conditions, including summer rains, cold air-conditioned indoor environments, and under the scorching summer sun. They are designed to prevent knee abrasions, ensuring comfort and lightness, making them ideal for school and travel outfits. They are also perfect as spare clothes.

Although we always create essential clothing, these cool pants are particularly recommended. They are meticulously made with domestic fabric and production.


Elasticity / Waistband

Stretchability: The fabric has excellent elasticity.
Waistband: The waistband is made of premium, soft-stretch material, ensuring comfort for both slim and chubby children.

Quick Drying: Dries quickly after washing and resists deformation and wrinkles.
Comfortable Feel: The fabric has a flowing, silky texture, providing coolness and lightness even in summer.

Designed with the same length and fit as last year’s summer cool pants.
Shorter in length and slightly smaller in fit than the three-piece set, making them suitable for both boys and girls throughout the summer.
Made in Korea

These cool pants are carefully crafted for children’s activity and comfort, making them a summer essential. Made from carefully selected domestic fabrics and technology, these pants are a reliable purchase for all mothers.

Model Sizes:

Boy (16 months, 80 cm, 10 kg): XS (Salmon, Coral, Black)
Daughter (5 years, 101 cm, 16.5 kg): S (Baby Pink), M (Dark Cream, Beige)
Third child (5 years, 102 cm, 15 kg): M
7-year-old (120 cm, 21 kg): XL | 8-year-old (126 cm, 23 kg): JS
Plump child (125 cm, 25 kg): XXL

Recommended Average Height:

75-85 cm: XS (12-24M)
85-95 cm: S (24-36M)
95-105 cm: M (3-4Y)
105-115 cm: L (4-5Y)
115-120 cm: XL (5-6Y)
120-125 cm: XXL (6-7Y)

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Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Brown, Cream


12-24M (XS) 75-85cm, 24-36M (S) 85-95cm, 3-4Y (M) 95-105cm, 4-5Y (L) 105-115cm, 5-6Y (XL) 115-120cm, 6-7Y (XXL) 120-125cm


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Size Age Length Other
S 2T 39cm 20cm (Waist)
M 3-4Y 43cm 21cm (Waist)
L 4-5Y 47cm 22cm (Waist)
XL 5-6Y 51cm 23cm (Waist)
Washing at low 30°C, Separately or with like colours, Do not bleach, Hang to dry