Magnetic Car Sun Shade Curtain for Baby and Kids [차량용 햇빛 가리개] -ㄱㄴㄷ


Translations in Korean and English.

[Easy to install]
It has 5 strong magnets on the top of the shade that can be attached to the steel car side window frame. Make Sure to Check Your Car Side Windows or Door before Purchasing. It works for Metal Framed Window and Metal Framed Door which Magnet can attach.

Sunlight protection
Widely cover any type of car rear window – The shade is bigger than general shade. can be covered side window up to Mid-Size Sedan and SUV (L=28 inches H=20 inches)

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TY Toy Box Brand

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Askin fabric car sun shade, Blackout car sun shade


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TY Toy Box Brand
  • Translations in Korean and English
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72cm x 52cm