[Buy 2 Get 1 Free] Carrot Single Spandex PJ set


Single Spandex 40 thread count

Delightful Nights Await with the Carrot Single Spandex PJ Set by Cordi-i

Ensure your little ones sleep comfortably and stylishly with the Carrot Single Spandex PJ Set, now available under an exclusive Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer at Tiny You Baby Store and Dear You Kids Boutique located at The City of Lougheed Shopping Centre.

Cute and Comfortable Design: Featuring a playful carrot and bunny design, this PJ set is sure to be loved by kids, making bedtime a fun time.
Soft and Stretchy: Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the Carrot PJ Set provides the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility, ideal for ensuring a good night’s sleep.
Durability and Quality: Constructed with high-quality materials, these PJs are built to last through countless nights and multiple washes without losing their charm or comfort.
Exclusive Promotion: Enjoy our Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal and get great value while stocking up on adorable, high-quality pajamas for your children.

Size 80 (Buttons in front)
Size 90,100,110 (Buttons in shoulder)
Size 120,130,140 (No buttons)

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Tiny You Baby Clothes Vancouver Brand

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24-36M (100), 5-6Y (130), 6-7Y (140)



Get ready for high-quality children's wear crafted with love—at a reasonable price.
Tiny You Baby Clothes Vancouver Brand
  • 40 thread count
  • Non-fluorescent 95% cotton + 5% Polyurethane
  • Weaving/Knitting/Fabric printing in Korea
  • Sewing in Vietnam
Size Age Length Other
90 12-24M 36.5cm (Top) / 50cm (Bottom) 52cm (Chest) / 41cm (Waist)
100 24-36M 39cm (Top) / 54cm (Bottom) 54cm (Chest) / 42cm (Waist)
110 3-4Y 42cm (Top) / 59cm (Bottom) 57cm (Chest) / 44cm (Waist)
120 4-5Y 45cm (Top) / 64cm (Bottom) 60cm (Chest) / 46cm (Waist)
130 5-6Y 48.5cm (Top) / 70cm (Bottom) 63cm (Chest) / 48.5cm (Waist)
140 6-7Y 52cm (Top) / 76cm (Bottom) 66cm (Chest) / 51cm (Waist)
Machine wash on gentle in cool water with like colours. Do not bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry.