March 21, 2022

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Merebe Newborn Baby Clothes at Tiny You

Merebe offers clothes for newborns crafted from pure 100% cotton and non-fluorescent fabrics

Looking for newborn baby clothes designed with sensitive skin in mind? Experience the sublime comfort and design of Merebe—one of Korea’s premier baby brands. This trusted brand is a pillar of Tiny You, cradling newborn skin in the sublime comfort of pure 100% cotton in adorable designs made from non-fluorescent fabrics.

Baby skin is special—powdery smelling and sublimely soft. However, delicate baby skin is reactive to many stresses reasonably well tolerated by normal skin. This includes temperature changes and sweating as well as dyes and detergents, any of which can trigger an itchy, red rash.

We chose to carry Merebe because it’s OEKO-TEX certified. This internationally recognized label means the textiles have been stringently tested for harmful substances potentially harmful to sensitive skin. The result is a line of baby clothing that is comfy, durable, and super soft. Made for beauty and breathability, these clothes are great for little ones who often need a little more help regulating their body temperature.

Like the very best newborn baby clothes, our curated collection is designed with both kids AND new parents in mind. That means envelope necks that are easy to slide over little heads, easy side-snap closures, and lots of comfy, stretchy jumpsuits with easy zips that make dressing and undressing a cinch. 

Building a Basic Newborn Wardrobe

Many of the clothes we carry from Merebe are also categorized by season—summer, winter, spring/fall—or four-season, which makes building an appropriate wardrobe a whole lot easier. Keep in mind that babies grow fast, so stockpiling a huge selection of clothes way ahead of time may not be the best investment. Instead, consider when your newborn will be arriving and shop minimally. As a starter wardrobe, we suggest:

  • Six jumpsuits
  • Two pyjamas
  • Three tops
  • Two cardigans/jackets (if winter)
  • A couple of cotton hats or toques 
  • A few pairs of socks

Browse through our Newborn Collection, which includes favourites like the Mushroom Four Season Side Snap Shirt. At Tiny You, our curated collection of newborn baby clothes is carefully researched and designed with the comfort and safety of your little one in mind. For discerning parents looking for quality OEKO-TEX certified baby clothes at a reasonable price, we invite you to experience stylish, functional newborn baby clothing and accessories of Merebe.