Tulip Sound Book – Pink (Korean Edition)


Cultivate the love of music. the Tulip Sound Book collection is a tiny musical masterpiece available in 9 versions (1 English and 8 Korean). Kids can follow along with the lyrics in the book. The tulip wand lights up and shakes like a maraca, offering 5 different musical effects. Easy controls let your child pause or move to the next song.

This pink Edition Tulip features 도토리. 개구리. 수박 파티. 통통통통. 잉잉잉

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  • Korean Edition
  • Tulip wand lights up when you play the songs
  • 5 different musical effects when you shake the tulip like Maracas
  • 도토리. 개구리. 수박 파티. 통통통통. 잉잉잉
Size Age Length Other
23.5cm x 15.5cm 12 pages