[Rototo Bebe] Honey Point Set Green


Model wore size 120 (Height 104cm, Weight 17kg)

Soft colours and cute detailing make the [Rototo Bebe] Honey Snug Fit Set Heart Toto a beautiful wardrobe staple.

[Reference Weight and Height]

6-12M (80) – 9kg / 65-75cm
12-24M (90) – 9-12kg / 75-85cm
24-36M (100) – 12-14kg / 85-95cm
3-4Y (110) – 14-16kg / 96-105cm
4-5Y (120) – 16-18kg / 105-115cm
5-6Y (130) – 18-20kg / 115-125m

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4-5Y (120)


Dongdaemun Market

A handpicked collection of everyday wear from Korea’s famous shopping district.
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Kids Clara / Rototo Bebe

Sensible and beautiful, clothing by Kids Clara is engineered to allow children to move with comfort and ease.
baby store vancouver kids clara
  • Cotton 57%, Rayon 38%, Polyurethane 5%
  • Made in Korea
Size Age Length Other
80 6-12M 33cm (Top) / 42cm (Bottom) 27cm (Chest) / 19cm (Waist)
90 12-24M 35cm (Top) / 45cm (Bottom) 29cm (Chest) / 20cm (Waist)
100 24-36M 37cm (Top) / 59cm (Bottom) 31cm (Chest) / 21cm (Waist)
110 3-4Y 39cm (Top) / 53cm (Bottom) 33cm (Chest) / 22cm (Waist)
120 4-5Y 42cm (Top) / 58cm (Bottom) 35cm (Chest) / 23cm (Waist)
130 5-6Y 45cm (Top) / 63cm (Bottom) 37cm (Chest) / 24cm (Waist)
Washing at low 30°C, Separately or with like colours, Do not bleach, Hang to dry