[Peekaboo Korea] 2023 SS Macaron Baby Leggings Slim Fit


These are Macaron leggings made with the unique texture of triangular ribbed texture and good tension fabric. It is highly usable as a seasonless product except for midsummer, and variety of soft and clear colors give a fresh atmosphere.

Easy for babies to wear and take off, and it is highly recommended as an item that can easily make daily look with a boxy sweatshirt or T-shirt and cute socks that pop out.

This product is slim fit

It’s narrower and fit more snugly to the shape of baby’s body.

For skinny babies, we recommend our regular size. It fits well even if you go up 1-2 size, but the length should be folded up.

For large babies, even if the baby is of the same height, the length will shorten as the fabric stretches, so we recommend 1-2 size up.

[Reference Weight and Height]

6M 6-7kg / 60-68cm
12M 8-10kg / 68-76cm
18M 10-12kg / 76-86cm

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12M, 18M, 6M


Beige, Blue Beige, Gray, Ivory, Pink Beige


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  • Fabric Mixing rate: 95% Cotton, 5% polyurethane(Span)
Size Age Length Other
6M 6-7kg (Reference Weight)
12M 8-10kg (Reference Weight)
18M 10-12kg (Reference Weight)