Dino Stegosaurus Sweatshirt Jogger Set


Baby clothing is always fun and creative. With new trends coming into play, 2023 is shaping up to be a year for all things adorable.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? The perfect find for the budding palaeontologist,

[Reference Weight and Height]

12-24 months (S) 10-13kg / 80-90cm
24-36 months (M) 13-16kg / 90-100cm
3-4T (L) 16-20kg / 100-110cm
4-5Y (XL) – 20-24kg / 110-120cm
5-6Y (2XL) 24-28kg / 120-128cm

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24-36M (M), 3-4T (L)




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  • Easy to mix and match
  • Machine washable
Size Age Length Other
S (5) 12-24M 80-90cm 10-13kg
M (7) 24-36M 90-100cm 13-16kg
L (9) 3-4T 100-110cm 16-20kg
XL (11) 4-5Y 110-120cm 20-24kg
2XL (13) 5-6Y 120-128cm 24-28kg
Washing at low 30°C, Separately or with like colours, Do not bleach, Hang to dry