Dino and Car Underwear Briefs 4-Pack (3-14Y)


A super-cute set of four, our Dino and Car Boy Panties flawlessly combine fashion and function. With a flexible elastic waist, reinforced stitching, and delightful prints and colours, these comfy underpants come in sizes to accommodate children from ages three to fourteen.

[Reference Weight and Height]

60 (3-4Y) 94-107cm / 14-17kg
65 (5-6Y) 108-120cm / 18-22kg
70 (7-8Y) 120-130cm / 23-28kg
75 (9-10Y) 130-140cm / 29-36kg
80 (11-12Y) 140-150cm / 37-46kg
85 (13-14Y) 150-160cm / 47kg-51kg
90 (15Y+) 160cm + / 50kg +

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60 (3-4Y), 65 (5-6Y), 70 (7-8Y), 75 (9-10Y), 80 (11-12Y), 85 (13-14Y)


Lille Haven

Crafted from exceptional fabric and inspired by the fashion of Denmark, Lille Haven creates the clothes kids love to wear.
  • Cotton 100%
  • Delightful prints and colours
  • Briefs 4-Pack
  • KC Safety Certification has been acquired
Size Age Length Other
60 3-4Y 22cm 19cm (Waist)
65 5-6Y 23cm 20cm (Waist)
70 7-8Y 24cm 21cm (Waist)
75 9-10Y 25cm 22cm (Waist)
80 11-12Y 27cm 23cm (Waist)
85 13-14Y 28cm 24cm (Waist)
Machine wash on gentle in cool water with like colours. Do not bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry.