[Daily Bebe] Smile Balloon Sweatshirt and Jogger Set


Long-sleeved and versatile, this is an easy-wearing everyday style that’s value priced. We’re proud to offer this spring matching set in soft fabrics you’ll love.

[Reference Weight and Height]

12M (XS) 9-11kg / 75-85cm
2T (S) 11-13kg / 85-95cm
3-4Y (M) 15-17kg / 95-100cm
4-5Y (L) 17-20kg / 100-110cm
5-6Y (XL) 19-22kg / 110cm-120cm

7-8Y (JS) 23-27kg / 120-125cm
8-9Y (JM) 27-31kg / 125-135cm
9-10Y (JL) 32-35kg / 135-140cm

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7-8Y (JS 120-125cm), 12M (XS 80-85cm), 2T (S 85-95cm), 3-4Y (M 95-100cm), 4-5Y (L 100-110cm), 5-6Y (XL 110-120cm), 8-9Y (JM 125-135cm), 9-10Y (JL 135-140cm)


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A handpicked collection of everyday wear from Korea’s famous shopping district.
Dongdaemum Market Vancouver Brand Logo

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  • Easy to mix and match
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Korea
Size Age Length Other
XS 12M 9-11kg (Reference Weight) 75-85cm (Reference Height)
S 2T 10-13kg (Reference Weight) 85-95cm (Reference Height)
M 3-4Y 14-16kg (Reference Weight) 95-100cm (Reference Height)
L 4-5Y 17-19kg (Reference Weight) 100-110cm (Reference Height)
XL 5-6Y 20-22kg (Reference Weight) 110-120cm (Reference Height)
JS 7-8Y 23-27kg (Reference Weight) 120-125cm (Reference Height)
JM 8-9Y 27-31kg (Reference Weight) 125-135cm (Reference Height)
JL 9-10Y 32-35kg (Reference Weight) 135-140cm (Reference Height)
Washing at low 30°C, Separately or with like colours, Do not bleach, Hang to dry