Exceptional craftsmanship and design go into these sturdy educational toys that feed the imagination.

Thoughtfully designed with 
kids in mind

Tested and certified for safety

Sustainably manufactured

Cute designs and bright colours

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Why We Love Harper's Table

In a league all their own, these elegantly crafted playsets give children the ability to explore and learn about the world around them. Beautiful pieces crafted for safety and durability are scaled to the size that makes it easy for little hands to manage. You’ll be amazed at the detail and attention poured into every piece. As miniaturized versions of their real-world counterparts, these educational toys provide incredible creative fuel, allowing kids to learn through imagination and play.

Delightful Everyday Essentials

Smart and snuggly, baby clothes from Tiny You are durable pieces, made to be handed down and then cherished ever after as family heirlooms.

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